The POWERGRID™ is on the leading edge of technology and is tailored for each individuals’ power habits and consumption needs.  Each POWERGRID™ is built and delivered as a turn key system with all the programming, battery management system and necessary interconnection hardware with UL listings. The POWERGRID™ has been deployed throughout the world, including California where customers have enjoyed meaningful savings.

Guaranteed Savings

If you already have existing solar, adding an advanced energy storage (AES) system is easy and seamless.

Unmatched Performance

Technology is changing rapidly – and so has harnessing and storing energy.

Welcome to the Future of Energy Storage


Demand Savings

The old way of managing demand costs involved a very complicated and unreliable set of algorithms programmed into a controller interface between the batteries and inverter.  The problem with this is that you cannot completely eliminate the demand.  The demand spike can be different every day, making it nearly impossible to deploy predictive software modeling.  The POWERGRID™ is designed to completely remove and eliminate the demand without having to predict when the demand spikes will happen. The loads causing the demand are simply removed.

The POWERGRID™ is designed to discharge with maximum benefit, eliminating expensive demand costs while generating cost avoidance savings similar to net metering for kWh energy costs.  With up to 50% more savings than other demand saving systems in the market, the POWERGRID™ is the clear and obvious choice for maximum savings with the least cost.

A new standard in performance.

Key Features of the PowerGrid

  • Small foot print and light-weight
  • Solid chemistry – no harmful fumes, odors or chemicals
  • Safe for indoor use and storage
  • Land fill safe and legal
  • Will never catch fire from any extreme condition, bullets, punctures, crushing, vibration or extreme heat.
  • Field and battle tested for extreme temperatures: -40° F to 149° F with no power loss
  • 100% available power in each cell
  • No memory losses over time
  • Unlimited cycles first 10 years
  • Fast charging – batteries can be charged to 90% in less than 10 minutes
  • Less expensive than a whole house GAS generator
  • Eligible for tax credits (reducing total costs from 30% to 60%)

Safety, performance & easy integration.

Competitive Advantage

  • CES has developed disruptive technology that allow any inverter in the world that is currently operating with algorithms designed around Peukerts law to be able to work with the CES batteries seamlessly.
  • Safest battery on the market means no restrictions where it can be installed and deployed.
  • Ability to produce custom configurations with any box size, color and shape to meet customer needs when space and location might preclude placement.
  • Safe and fast installations.
  • Made in America.
  • High volume capacity for production and delivery to distribution partners.


CES has a full service electrical division ready to provide support with electrical design, wire diagrams, submittals, integration of existing systems and engineering support for commercial or residential applications. Support also includes inverter system integration programming.

A wide variety of uses

PowerGrid™ Suitable Applications:

  • Residential –  100% Battery Powered Homes Eliminates Electric Bill and Demand Costs Completely
  • Multi-Family – Increase Revenue by Eliminating Demand Costs and kWH Reduction/Savings
  • Commercial – Reduce or Eliminate Demand Charges
  • Industrial – Reduce Demand Charges
  • Agricultural – DC to DC Well Pumps Powered by Solar and Batteries Off-Grid
  • Utility Scale – Peaker Plants

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