Learn About Clean Energy Storage

Clean Energy Storage, Inc. is located in Temecula, California and manufactures, assembles and distributes advanced energy storage solutions, patented controls and switchgear for both residential and commercial markets worldwide. Clean Energy Storage owns and controls the patents for its flagship product called the POWERGRID™. CES has a new approach for delivering energy storage systems to the market with fast delivery and custom fabrication to any size, color and price point that meets its customers’ needs.

CES is aligned with energy designers and professionals and can design either a partial or complete off-grid system and a reliable emergency backup in the case of a utility outage. CES offers bankable cash flow projections to help finance and budget for their projects.

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CES is a veteran owned company and all products are manufactured in the United States.

Meet Our Partners

CES has secured strategic partners with a solid, unshakable supply chain to ensure a long-term commitment to provide the best quality and affordable energy storage system.

Our mission

If you have existing solar, adding an advanced energy storage (AES) system is easy and seamless.  Our advanced control systems make our batteries work with any off-the-shelf existing inverter/charger system in the world, creating complete compatibility.


  • I am very happy with my PowerGrid energy storage unit from CES.  I no longer have an energy bill to pay and with the tax rebates it has already paid itself off. A no-brainer!!

    Stephan Eaglefree
    Bakersfield, CA
  • The guys over at CES were so helpful installing my new unit to an existing solar panel configuration. The process was so smooth and I now am grid-free!!

    Andrew Lee
    Modesto, CA
  • The amount of money I’ve saved alone since my new installation has been so awesome that my neighbors have decided to go the same route. Thanks guys!

    Miriam Wisebull
    Fremont, CA

Financing Options

Clean Energy Storage is now able to offer 100% financing with no money down.  If you become one of our approved dealers you may qualify for Direct Pay through our financing partners.

The Green Energy Fund offers many different financing options.  Inquire now on how you can get set up to use the Green Energy Fund.