The POWERGRID can be configured in system sizes as follows:


Model No.              Description

PG14A8/A6             PG14A8 & A6 Cut Sheet Ver10

Containerized Systems

  • 500 kWh

  • 750 kWh

  • 1000 kWh

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions:


The PowerGrid™ is a new type of battery technology using a 3rd generation lithium iron phosphate manganese battery (LiFeMnPO4). Using several batteries coupled together, it is capable of providing power to a home or business to provide power to handle all the loads, not just a few critical circuits. It’s the very first technology where it’s practical to be 100% utility/grid-free living.


We can tie it all together to create a complete closed-loop system.  We can even install PowerGrid™ as a standalone system without solar panels.


Generally we have to replace this, unless you already have a smart grid, CEC-listed inverter/charger that is approved for peak shaving and selling power back to the grid any time of day. 


Our systems are designed to allow micro inverters to be directly AC-coupled. You can tie them all in or parallel only a portion, all without having to re-submit a new panel load calculation to the permit department or utility.


Our batteries charge faster than any other battery on the market, are built to last 20 years and can handle extreme heat and cold temperatures. Our battery has been put through strenuous testing involving bullets, punctures, crushing & vibration as required by SAE and TUV SUD safety testing. Our systems are lightweight with a small footprint and charge to 90% in less than 7 minutes.  Our system is designed to eliminate all consumption, demand charges and create full micro grids.


The system price will depend on the size and amount of batteries needed. This will be driven by a couple of things: your max load from the previous 12 months and the system AC output.  We will help coordinate system sizing to determine the exact product needed and from there determine pricing structure. We will also help get maximum state and federal tax credits to help bring down the total cost and amount of time needed to completely pay for the system with energy savings.  In many situations, the ROI is less than a year!!


If you are a new Installer and have not been approved by CES already, please fill out the information on the Become a Dealer page.  We will help you get on board with Clean Energy Storage and on your way to distributing and installing our products. 


EV Charging Station

The POWERGRID™ is ideal for EV charging stations due to its ability to charge very rapidly.  Off-Grid EV charging stations now becomes a reality when combined with solar.  The POWERGRID™ will remain fully charged as long as the solar is generating power because the POWERGRID™ can take hundreds of amps, where competing batteries can only take less than 150A.

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This means it will take the competitors’ batteries nearly 3 times longer to charge than it does with the POWERGRID™.

Rebates & Incentives

CES has secured strategic partners and a solid, unshakable supply chain that ensures a long-term commitment to providing the best quality and yet affordable energy storage system.